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The true meaning of "Sontaku".

Moritomo school is exchange by a ruler, a bureaucrat and a person concerned by Kake school, and terminology as "surmise (surmise)" has frequently come out, the meaning is also incomprehensible as Japanese, oh, it's done, and, and, when it's translated into a foreign language, it seems difficult.
There seems to be a definition called "guess", but it isn't also quite satisfactory too much.

But a definition in MOYURUPEN?
1) "I guess so that I may sense partner's feeling and share a matter."
2) "I make something around sense the will, and it's moved by the pressure of the power other persons don't see."
3) "Without making an event realize that I don't come to my body in the condition, a fact makes a partner plant a threatening concept, and I make a fact be accomplished."
4) "I have to persuade a partner to make them use as this will, I'll make them conscious of bureaucrat's judgement befittingly, have it by a power relationship and reprove for vague language in forcing way in a difficult case."
It's thought whether it'll be the definition which says so.
You think it's better for a word to show the situation of the others who influences a word to a foreigner by a phrase than itself, right?