The Moyurupen Street Journal for hatena




"A global blur is immature, I fight, it's rather spicy, awaken."

It also seems to exist in this planet from the front for tens of thousands of years human history, but intellectual evolution has it now, and doesn't seem developed at all. Evolution and also, they seem to be degenerating. Fate is being repeated in mankind's Bunmei certainly. As much as the people's of the headship who carried the civilization of that case noting down experience and a lesson for the future, something, the limit of the worldly desire from the instinct of the man is done thoroughly mutually on the earth on the other hand, and the history taken for behavior as a slaughter has been repeated to destroy the mutual civilization. A victorious country in the Second World War is keeping getting the initiative up to now on the twenty-first century today, but it's apparent that a reaction to the system is under the conditions which don't stop. When only a permanent member of the Security Council of five, rice, England, France, dew and a medium may possess a nuclear weapon, the one as a NPT nuclear proliferation restraint treaty is something to say, but this ratification is becoming unsuitable at the time. So-called sense of unfairness is because it's precedent. Japan where the Potsdam Declaration has been taken no notice of before the war drops an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and I increase in a nuclear threat day by day, but when possessing a stone, the logic which connects with a deterrent can't be excluded any more. USA breaks a INF middle distance nuclear abolition treaty with Russia one-sidedly, and the tension is heightening. I say to a question what material of that prohibition has from the visitor who has a ZAIRASU doctor by "planet of a monkey" "It's human destiny.", famous, a word, I have that. It'll mean that the human destiny is as a result of the human art. When going just as it is, it's apparent that the mankind is going to the ruin. I think village mayors of the earth village should work for the better magnificent future guarantee including Mr. cards.