加地鳴海の天正戦国小姓の令和見聞録(hatena version)




Vol.0056 "Evolution of Coronavirus and Civilization"


It seems that the coexistence of human evolution and the evolution of viruses is inevitable. No matter how much the vaccine or silver bullet for COVID-19 is devised, it is in a chicken race state. The repeated rise and fall of pandemics and humankind can be recognized many times, but the defense and efficacy against complete infection is unknown. The view of the Age of Discovery in the Middle Ages of Europe seems to be different from that of the Asian region. During the Age of Discovery in China, voyages and trade to Middle East and Africa were flourishing, so the expression of the Age of Discovery of humankind must be regarded as a somewhat biased view of Europe from the historical point of view of the world. I don't get it. For a long time, the murders, struggles and turf wars between humans have been a great opportunity for viruses to evolve. I want to think of human beings and viruses as creatures with the same thoughts. Otherwise, the vaccine would have already solved the pandemic.

In the 21st century, on September 11th, the terrorist attacks on the world occurred. In the United States, where security is tight, terrorist attacks on four locations at the same time are incomprehensible, and it is unreasonable that terrorists in Middle Eastern countries were planning. There is a theory that the collapse of the old WTS tower was not caused by damage caused by an aircraft collision, but by a blast from below, but I personally think so. At that time, it was said that the aircraft crashed into WTS in a certain magazine media, but there is no evidence of it in the wreckage. It must not have been a very identifiable case. It is said that an aircraft crashed into the Pentagon building, but its evidence is also questioned. Yet, I remember that at that time President Bush called it the work of Islamic countries and said in his speech that it was a battle of the Crusades. Former CIA personnel Osama bin Laden lurked in Afghanistan and was suspected of terrorism, and Bush slammed Afghanistan thoroughly. After that, he raised the propaganda of a false weapon of mass destruction against Mr. Hussein of Iraq, who had been refusing to settle dollars, and destroyed the whole of Iraq. I don't know what the crime was, but I was executed. It also contributed to the derivation of the ISIL Islamic State. Obama said he had killed Bin Ladin, former President Trump had killed Iran's commander, and this time President Biden had killed IS leaders. It will be a historic event that will increase conflict with society. There were reports of the murder of Osama bin Laden during the first term of the Obama administration, but he was hidden in a prominent white building on the outskirts of Pakistan. All the buildings that attacked were removed and the corpses were allegedly burial at sea, but no photographs of the evidence were reported. There is information that the real Bin Laden died in 2001, and there are rumors that he lives somewhere in the United States. I'm not sure if the remnants became IS. After all, the Islamic countries of the Middle East were regarded as state sponsors of terrorism, and for various reasons, they forged a cause to maintain the military-industrial complex and succeeded in forming a political and economic situation favorable to the United States. is. It is clear that after World War I Britain and France created the political unrest of today by splitting and mandateing the Middle East. In short, the Age of Discovery from the seventeenth century is not over, and it is like proving that civilization continues its voyage in the process of evolution. Rather than a great voyage, it merely marks the history of great regret and great lessons. Even if the world is looking at how to fight the coronavirus, it is obvious when you see how it is at a loss what to do. The harmful effects of the United Nations formed during World War II have also become prominent, and the military imbalance of vetoing permanent members and allowing possession of nuclear weapons has led to nuclear problems in Iran and North Korea. I think we should be aware of what we are doing. Mr. Trump's insults to the countries of immigrants in Africa and South America are causing ripples. To be clear, there is also a problem with the media's attitude that SNS transmissions are from the official White House. America First has become America Only, and the possibility of becoming stand-alone in the world is undeniable. The United States holds a huge amount of tax havens in the country. Britain has justified the enormous assets it had accumulated through the East India Company of the British Empire, which once ruled the Seven Seas, by avoiding taxation in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere. Britain's stance that it will leave the EU without permission and only its own country will escape the difficulties and the United States' priority on its own country can be seen as evidence that the Age of Discovery is not over yet. Since the dawn of history, the battle between humankind and the plague continues today. Human beings have endured every time a pandemic such as black death, tuberculosis, or coronavirus occurs, but this time, the spread of infection is unlikely to be settled so easily. Leaders in each country are trying to fumble for vaccine development and therapeutic agents to simplify clinical trials and provide emergency treatment, but the virus side has repeatedly evolved as it advances the development of human vaccines and therapeutic agents. It looks like you are doing it. If it is impossible to eradicate the virus, there is no choice but to coexist and co-prosper. Since the virus existed long before the birth of humankind, the stance of how to create immunity will be essential in the future. It is also necessary to recognize that human beings live too much on the earth. Recognize that 40,000 years ago, when the Neanderthals were about to evolve into new humans, there was a fierce battle with the virus, which was handed down in the DNA of modern humans. Zero corona is also effective temporarily, but the stance of with corona must be the basic attitude for human beings to continue to live on this planet.